Module description

hnn -- Generic Hash Table Node
The hnn module implements a generic node in the hash table hnt.

Hash table node structure

hnn% ( -- n )
Get the required space for a hnn node

Node creation, initialisation and destruction

hnn-init ( c-addr u u2 hnn -- )
Initialise the node with the key c-addr u and hash u2
hnn-(free) ( hnn -- )
Free the key from the heap
hnn-new ( c-addr u u2 -- hnn )
Create a new node on the heap with the key c-addr u and hash u2
hnn-free ( hnn -- )
Free the node from the heap

Member words

hnn-key@ ( hnn -- c-addr u )
Get the key from the node


hnn-dump ( hnn -- )
Dump the node

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